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Olde Raleigh Whiskey Society

Welcome to the Olde Raleigh Whiskey Society, where you can take your passion for whiskey to a whole new level. Olde Raleigh Distillery welcomes you to join our innovative and exclusive whiskey club. This membership-based program includes bottles curated exclusively for you each month by our Master Blender. Pledge your allegiance to a one-of-a-kind, immersive whiskey society, and have an expert as your personal Spirit concierge.


Each of these rare and unique bottlings are custom batched and sold out before they see the light of day! This rare and custom experience provides an array of benefits to those who are true bourbon (and all things whiskey) enthusiasts. Additional membership perks include first rights to purchase our small batch bourbon, access to limited releases, exclusive events, and Society Swag.


Membership is now available nationwide! Members can opt in the “Out-of-State” Member option and have bottles shipped quarterly at no additional cost. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer Member shipping to the following states: Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts. Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina & Utah. 

How the membership works

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23 year rye bourbon


Be part of the inner circle by becoming a member of the Olde Raleigh Whiskey Society. This members-only program provides exclusive access to whiskey bottlings & more curated by Olde Raleigh’s Master Blender.

*Quantity  Extremely Limited

Price: $150/month
  • Monthly whiskey bottle curated exclusively for you!
  • First rights to purchase all Olde Raleigh Bottle releases.
  • Exclusive Membership Swag every 6 months.
  • Challenge Coin
  • Quarterly bottle shipping for Out-of-State Members.



Out-of-State additional $25 per month
  • Additional fees cover distillery distribution costs

explore our Member exclusive releases

I. Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled and aged in CO, IN, WY, TN. Aged, blended and bottled by hand at Olde Raleigh.
Proof: 121 | Unfiltered | Bottle Yield: 72 Bottles

Our inaugural Barrel Proof spirit features a blend of four straight bourbon whiskies from two distinct mash bills grains consisting of corn, barley rye and wheat. The dominant bourbon in this blend was a 10-year bourbon whiskey that imparted complex notes of rich leather, tobacco and Sugar Daddy’s on the palate, followed by baking spices and oak on the finish.

II. Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled and aged in CO, IN, WY, TN. Aged, blended and bottled by hand at Olde Raleigh.
Proof: 115 | Unfiltered | Yield: 72 Bottles

This 4 Grain Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon consists of a blend of five distinct whiskies aged 19, 10, 5, and 4 years from four unique mash bills. This bourbon coats the tongue like a warm caramel spice blanket followed by long, simmering Red Hot Candies on the finish.

III. 19 Year Aged Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled and aged in TN. Aged, blended and Member bottled by hand at Olde Raleigh.
Proof: 98 | Unfiltered | Yield: 72 Bottles

Almost two decades in the making, this barrel-proof bourbon gifted the angels more than a fair share. The annual evaporation loss (angel’s share) results in the bourbon’s proof decreasing annually from 120 down to 98 proof. This baked caramel flavor bomb swan dives on the palate and finishes with toasted coconut and oak.

IV. Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey – 8 Year Double Barreled

Distilled and aged in IN. Aged and bottled at by hand Olde Raleigh.
Proof: 110 | Unfiltered | Yield: 75 Bottles

This whiskey has a captivating tale to accompany its extraordinary taste. Our friends at MGP discovered an allotment of 95% rye mash bill whiskey barrels with stave imperfections, causing noticeable leakage throughout the seasons. To salvage the remaining liquid gold, they decided to transfer it into a new barrel. Fascinatingly, there was only enough rye whiskey left to fill one barrel! This double-barreled rye whiskey is 1 of 1.

V. 23 Year Aged 100 Proof Rye Whisky

Distilled and aged in Canada. Aged, blended and bottled by hand at Olde Raleigh.
Proof: 100 | Unfiltered | Yield: 75 Bottles

Crafted with dedication and precision, this unparalleled whiskey has a story that spans North America. Beginning its journey with 20 years of mild (and sometimes frigid) barrel aging in Canada, it then traveled to North Carolina, where it spent nearly 3 years maturing in the sweltering southern summer heat at Olde Raleigh. The result is a whisky that encapsulates the perfect mesh of tradition, time, and local blending craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, each month’s release bottle quantity is made based on the number of members active at the end of the previous month. No extra bottles are available for purchase. 

Purchase a second membership. We have a limit of one bottle per membership. 

Yes! Up to 3 additional bottles can be purchased with no additional shipping costs!

Bottles are available for pickup at the distillery. 

3 months. We have limited space and unfortunately can’t be an infinite storage facility for members. 

Your Challenge Coin will be shipped in the first month of active membership.

Yes! Please note that they must show a valid ID and be 21 or older to receive the membership. 

All sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. 

No, the monthly bottles are made exclusively for the members. Small Batch Bourbon releases are a separate product. 

The exclusive bottling is available the first Friday of the following month.

Each bottling is custom-batched and Members sign up at different times throughout the month.

Bottle taxes and various fees are paid monthly by the distillery as part of this process and unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate. 

Yes!…and THANK YOU for your service! We are veteran-owned and operated & look forward to welcoming back our brothers/sisters in arms. 

Login to the Membership Page and update the membership as desired. See link below:

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