What Does Small Batch Bourbon Mean?

Crafting Excellence, One Barrel at a time

Small batch bourbon is more than just a buzzword—it’s a tradition, a piece of history in a glass. And when you hear the term “small batch bourbon,” it might conjure up images of artisanal craftsmanship, quality over quantity, and a commitment to excellence. But what does small batch bourbon mean, exactly?


In a world of mass production and big-brand dominance, small batch bourbon stands out as a beacon of authenticity. It’s an ode to the craft, a salute to the past, and a promise of unparalleled flavor. Let’s delve into what makes small batch bourbon so special.


Limited Quantities, Maximum Attention

The first defining characteristic of small batch bourbon is right in the name—small batch. Unlike large-scale distilleries that churn out bourbon thousands of barrels at a time, we intentionally keep our batches small. This allows us to maintain a high level of control over every aspect of the bourbon-making process. From the selection of grains to the aging of the spirit, we’re intimately involved in every detail.


At Olde Raleigh Distillery, our Master Blender, Brandon McCraney, pays sharp attention to every detail, from the selection of bourbon barrels to the grains and water to the fermentation, distillation, and aging of the spirit. It’s a labor of love, a process where quality is paramount. This dedication to a limited quantity allows for a level of control and precision that is challenging to achieve on a larger scale.


The Art of Blending

The beauty of small batch bourbon lies in the art of blending. We meticulously combine barrels to create unique flavor profiles that are difficult to achieve on a larger scale. This blending process is where our master distiller truly shines. Drawing upon his expertise, honed over years of dedication to the craft, to create a harmonious balance of flavors that distinguish our small batch bourbons from the rest.


This art of blending results in a product that’s unique with each batch. Small batch bourbon enthusiasts appreciate the subtle variations, recognizing that each bottle tells its own story. It’s an element of surprise and intrigue that keeps bourbon lovers coming back for more.


Preserving Tradition

Small batch bourbon is deeply rooted in tradition. At Olde Raleigh, it is about keeping traditions alive, respecting the conventions of whiskey’s heritage, and paying homage to the McCraney name. Descending from Scotland to North Carolina in the mid-1800s, Brandon‘s approach to blending bourbon is similar to Scot Master Blenders to preserve the heritage. While innovation and modern techniques are welcome, we never lose sight of the traditional methods that have defined bourbon for centuries.

From hand-picking oak barrels to the aging process to bottling, it’s holistic whiskey-making, deeply rooted in rich and compelling history.


A Deeper Connection

For bourbon enthusiasts, small batch bourbon represents a more profound connection to the spirit. It’s about experiencing the journey and the passion that goes into each bottle. At Olde Raleigh, we are on a mission to craft an exceptional experience and of course, the best damn bourbon. We invite enthusiasts to explore the process, visit the distillery, and meet the people behind the bourbon.


The connection runs deep, it’s about the feeling of blending, smelling the sweet aroma of aging barrels, and savoring the results of our hard work. When you sip a glass of our small batch bourbon, you’re not just drinking a spirit; you’re tasting the passion, dedication, and expertise that went into crafting it. It’s a deeper, more personal connection to the art of bourbon-making and is what sets Olde Raleigh apart. 



Small batch bourbon isn’t just a type of bourbon; it’s a philosophy, a commitment, and a labor of love. It’s a testament to the craft, a tribute to tradition, and a promise of exceptional quality in every sip. It’s a journey we’re proud to embark on every day, and we’re excited to share it with bourbon enthusiasts like you. Whether you’re a seasoned bourbon connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of whiskey, here at Olde Raleigh, we invite you to experience the art of bourbon-making in its purest form. It’s a journey worth embarking on, one barrel at a time.